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Manpower Supply Services.

D-Well offers professional manpower consultancy services for companies in the oil and gas industry. We identify the needed manpower at the Clients’ structure and propose the provision of the competent manpower for Clients according to their defined needs and expectation. We have proven track records of supplying the highest standards of manpower needs. D-Well is currently providing manpower both local and expatriates to a number of oil companies to support operators’ drilling operations, rigs servicing both on & offshore and enhanced efficiency of industrial plants (power, refining and petrochemical plants).

Inspection and Expediting Services

Our mission is to guarantee our Clients efficient procurement expediting combined with high level of inspection quality control, where customers outsource this activity. We arrange qualified and experienced inspectors and consultants to service the needs in the local oil and gas industry – tracking system for goods, ensuring there is no delay in goods delivery to Clients, providing third party inspection including positive material identification, witnessing, testing, and pressure tests all to industry standards.
Specialised Plant and Equipment Cleaning
D-Well and its partners provide from the most simple to the most impossible global cleaning project and inspection services with over 40 different technologies and systems.  Cleaning services expertise include specialist water jetting, cold cutting inspection applied on heat exchangers, condensers, waste heat recovery units, turbines, boilers tanks, flare lines etc using ultra high pressure jetting, hydro blasting, pigging scrappers etc.
Waste Management Services
In capable partnership we provide solid waste removal, recycling and environmentally safe waste management services to local oil and gas industry, deploying state of the art equipment (thermal desorption units, incinerators etc).
Drilling Operations Management

We provide technical, logistic support and competences necessary for the management of integrated drilling projects, including well site support services – day-today rig management, rig maintenance responsibility. Services usually focus on project objectives as defined with the operator which could include contract writing, budget definition, definition of technical solution, follow up on schedule, work supervision etc.